<h2 class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">What the seminar includes;</h2>
The handmade jewellery (Faux Bijoux) highlight the style of every woman.

Our goal is for every woman to be able to express herself through her ideas and creations. In this way, each of us can create what pleases and suits her and renew herself with little money.

Still, she can give gifts to her friends that are unique and why not, sell her creations.
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<h2 class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">The materials you will need</h2>
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<li>1 kit which contains all the materials that we will use for the jewellery, in detail: garnets, hoops, stoppers, parrot beads, small and large irregular beads</li>
<li>Steel wire</li>
<li>Two types of terminals</li>
<li>Hooks for earrings</li>
<li>Beads (crystals, acrylic, glass)</li>
<li>4 pedicabs (feather, flat, round, cutter)</li>
<li>Fine wire for bead knitting 3/10 of the millimetre</li>
<li>Wire thin 6/10 of the millimetre (copper, bronze, arzanto)</li>
<li>Skins in small pieces 2-3 Colors.</li>



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