Epoxy glue 24ml, created by the synthesis 2 ingredients (resin and adhesive hardener).Extremely strong adhesive that dries quickly and with high end strength 1.900 N/cm².The compound is resistant to time, intense temperatures (-20οC up to +100οC) and moisture.Once dry, it can be pierced or painted.Working time  5  minutes, final adhesion in 12 hours.Ideal to glue jewellery made of metal, stone, concrete, marble, porcelain, wood, glass, reinforced plastics with fiberglass, hard PVC, rubber.

Instructions for use
Clean the surfaces you are going to glue from dust and grease.Smooth surfaces should become rough. Put in proportion 1:1 the resin and hardener in the mixing tray. Mix well and spread the glue on one surface. Join the 2 points, so that they can be applied without pressure. Application time 5 minutes at room temperature.After 20 minutes pressure can be applied to the joint and after 72 hours the final welding is achieved.

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