Glue  20 gr extremely strong and springy  repair glue for almost all kinds of materials, for indoor and outdoor use.Suitable for all kinds of jewelry construction, for porous and non-porous materials, such as wood, fabric, leather, cork, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, ceramics, stone, cement, etc.

This glue is ideal because it is :

α)extremely strong and elastic

β)water resistant

γ)fills in the blanks and is painted

δ)resists vibration

ε)resistant to temperatures from -40 From +120

f) transparent without solvents.

Instructions for use

Clean the surfaces to be glued from dust and grease.Apply the glue to one surface and press. Application time 5 minutes at room temperature.The final bonding is carried out after 24 hours.

Glue for jewellery / crafts ex...


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