Cord with metallic Polypropylene color for bag knitting 2mm/spool 150 measures.Excellent quality skin-friendly.


Greene-Gold, Grey Light-Gold, Coffee-Gold, Coffee Open-Gold, Dark Brown-Gold, Red-Gold, Cream-Gold, Croque-Gold, White-Gold, Bez-Gold, Natural-Gold, Black-Gold, Blue Navy-Gold, Green-Gold, Dark Green-Gold, Orange-Gold, Rose-Gold, Turquoise-Gold, Fuchsia-Gold, Haki-Gold, Gold-Gold, Greene-Silver, Grey Light-Silver, Black-Silver, Molivi-Silver, Blue Electrique-Silver, Dark Blue-Silver, Coffee-Bronze, Cypress-Silver, White-Silver, Natural-Silver, Dark grey-Molivi, Greene-Molivi, Greene-Purple, Greene-Rose, Grey Brown-Rose, Molivi-Rose, Rose-Rose, Greene-Green, White-Green, Haki-Green, Coffee Open-Bronze, Grey Light-Black, Black-Black, Black-Molivi, Black-Blue, Black-Purple, Brown Desert-Bronze, Black-Bronze, Blue-Blue, Blue Electrique-Blue Navy, Dark Blue-Blue, Bronze-Molivi, Turquoise-Lead, Spirits-Molivi, Natural-Purple Open, Natural-Rose, Fuchsia-Fuchsia

Cord with metallic Polypropyle...


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