Cotton yarn mulina.The price is based on the price 8 metres.This thread is suitable for embroidery on all types of fabrics.It can also be used for jewellery,friendship bangles, on chains,macrame etc.
Made of 100% long cotton fibre of excellent quality.


Veraman Open, Blue Dark Blue, Blue Ice, Greene, Ecru, Cream, Open olive oil, White, Coffee, Black, Blue, Blue-dark, Blue-Purple, Blue-Purple Open, Red, Red Deep, White, Mint, Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Yellow, Yellow Light, Dark Brown, Coral, Light Yellow Pastel Yellow, Yellow Pastel, Yellow Fluo, Yellow Dark, Lahani, Cabbage Fluo, Mustard, Purple light, Orange, Orange Light, Orange Fire, Purple lavender, Blue-Greene, Sea Blue, Rose, Green Open, Green Forest, Blue electric shock, Olive, Rotten apple, Rotten apple open, Fuchsia open, Pink light, Rose Fluo, Blue, Purple, Purple dark, Cinnamon, Ceramides, Petrol, Lemon, White of ice, baby blue, Coffee Natural, Petrol, Dark yellow, Veraman, Eggplant, Blue of the ice, Green of ice, Dark pink, Green, Emerald, Emerald open, Somon, Dark green, Blue sky, Green-Greene, Orange pastel, Peach light, Peaches, Turquoise Light, Physical, Natural Open, Gold

Mulina cotton yarn/8 Measures


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