Xman glass multifaceted man 3x2mm/thread 200 beads.Hole 0.5mm.Excellent quality,friendly with leather


Transparent, Red, Greene, White, Yellow, Green, White thepaque, Turquoise, Brown topaz, Emerald, Dark green, Blue, Dark yellow, Orange, Coffee, Cinnamon, Black, Orange, Green light, Purple, Lahani, Brown open, Green purple, Red translucent, Rose, Green light, Light yellow, Purple dark, Blue of the sky, Orange Opaque, Blue Opaque, Purple Opaque, Petrol Opaque, Orange AB, Veraman AB, Purple Transom AB, Green Dark AB, Black Metallic AB, Golden Translucent AB, Pink Transom AB, Turquoise translucent semi-transparent AB, Yellow Translucent AB, Red, Rotten Apple Dark Apple, Blue, Veraman, Blue Dark Blue, White AB, Red AB

Xman glass multifaceted man 3x...


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